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Itachi Uchiha Deluxe Cosplay Finished
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We have just finished the deluxe version costume for Itachi Uchiha Deluxe. It is using the best materials we could find, and adds the fishnet clothes and pant.

2006-08-04 14:23:22 GMT
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DUDE ITS AWOSME!! luv it ^_^ srry but im llooking for diffren itachi cosplays and this is the best so far. and were did u get the stuff for it at?

2007-02-03 00:25:41 GMT
umm excuse me but that costumes accuracy is a little off with the clouds please fix it and im intrested
2007-05-30 22:59:43 GMT
yes, the clouds r off, there r only suppose 2 be 3 swirls in the cloud, and the shape is a bit off as well :)
2008-07-04 18:33:08 GMT