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Tsukuyomi Moon Hazaki Luna Cosplay Completed
Tsukuyomi Moon Hazaki Luna

We have just finished Tsukuyomi Moon Hazaki Luna's Cosplay.

2007-05-01 10:01:00 GMT
Comments (2 total)
Wow, awesome. Its like all poofy and stuff. me likey. Great job. I own 3 of your costumes and they are all amazing. No reason why this one shouldn't be. It looks amazing.
--Anastasia Holt
2007-05-06 13:06:32 GMT
I've had my eye on this costume for a while. I'm preparing for Sakura-con '08 and I think this is the costume I want. It looks exactly the way it should. Kudos on all your finished costumes and on all your costumes in progress.
--Tameka Terronez
2007-11-06 00:45:22 GMT