Work In Progress
Bleach Abarai Renji' Weapon Unfinished Version
The picture above is the unfinished version of Abarai Renji' Weapon. It is about 1.3m long and 1kg weight. We are trying to make it heavier and more beautiful.
2006-08-15 14:08:49 GMT
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when will you start selling cosplay weapons on this site like the bleach weapons for instance, Zaraki Kenpachi's sword would be awsome
2006-11-14 03:37:57 GMT
I'm actually interested in the availability of Renji's Zabimaru as well. Once you finish working out the kinks with it, could you let me know of any prices for it? Thanks in advance!
2006-12-01 18:11:33 GMT
Weapons, are amazing I can't wait to be able to purchace weapons here. This one of Renji's sword is amazing I love how it looks like it could be use like a snake. It looks almost like the real sword.
2007-07-19 16:48:29 GMT