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$50 off for your friend
Get a voucher of $50 off any item when you pay a full price for a commission work. Please remember:

1. Our commssission usually costs around $160 with express shipping included,

2. Our turn around time is on average 5 to 7 working days.

You can use the voucher for yourself or give it to your friend. Even better, you can sell it on eBay. This makes most of our costumes less than $30 include express shipping, surely a huge bargain.
2006-07-26 14:29:40 GMT
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How can I get this coupon? I just order the Alice Resident Evil cosplay (order: yhst-91547409642223-38123) and I would like to buy another cosplay for my girlfriend for Halloween (I am thinking the Code Geass Villetta Nu Cosplay, Code Geass Nonette Enneagram Cosplay, Bleach The Tercera Espada Halibel Cosplay, or The Matrix Trinity Cosplay).

Moreover, when can I expect my cosplay to arraive?
Thanks again and I must say you have THE BEST cosplays!!!

--Marcela Couch
2009-10-15 18:35:45 GMT