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Inuyasha Sesshomaru Cosplay Completed
Inuyasha Sesshomaru

We have just finished Inuyasha Sesshomaru's Cosplay.

2007-09-11 06:51:47 GMT
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Its an awesome outfit but why is it $600 what makes it so expensive
2007-09-11 19:34:10 GMT
Why does this one cost so much? I don't see any reason for the high price tag.
2007-10-03 06:18:01 GMT
This one is VERY over-priced. I suggest you lower the price, you'd make more sales that way.
2007-10-21 20:35:23 GMT
I disagree, $600 looks to be a good deal for as much work as it looks went into making it. Amazing cosplay looks truly authentic.

2007-11-13 17:08:10 GMT
I understand why it is so pricy. The layers of fabric used alone would cost a bundle. To be able to make a profit, a person would have to raise the price. That and the fur (fake or not) would raise the price a bundle.

Very lovely though!
--Ethril Dragon
2007-12-08 22:21:48 GMT
great cosplay!
2008-01-09 18:07:10 GMT
great cosplay!
2008-01-09 18:07:33 GMT
Awesome cosplay! Fantastic variety of manga and videogame cosplay. But while looking in the Rurouni Kenshin section, I didn't see any Hiko Seijuuro, Kenshin's sensei.
--Ero Oni
2008-03-25 20:09:19 GMT
Wow! that is too expensive price! wow.. $600.00!
umm i will make myself with homemake and save money for "Sesshomaru" it will be save money.. less price . smile..

i want to tell you something that price is too expensive and why more price too high..? what Reason that exppensive price? thank

But i notice that sesshomaru cosplay is best and awesome cosplay! i love it wow.. yes it is very Fantastic!
--sesshomaru profit
2008-04-19 08:36:01 GMT