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Naruto Akatsuki Tobi Cosplay Completed
Naruto Akatsuki Tobi

We have just finished Naruto Akatsuki Tobi's Cosplay.

2007-09-28 02:25:30 GMT
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It would be nice if this came with a mask. One thing I always loved about Tobi was his mask. Otherwise, this is no different from any other of the Akatsuki cosplays, with the obvious exception of the ring that comes with it.
2007-12-19 06:39:33 GMT
I made my mask when I cosplayed as Tobi, and it came out amazingly well. I'd be happy to share the procedure of making it, if you want. Email me if you're interested.
2008-01-17 00:41:01 GMT
elo gaara hear i do my mypace page hear till we talk ^_^
2008-10-26 09:23:50 GMT