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Scrapped Princess Raquel Casull Cosplay Completed
Scrapped Princess Raquel Casull

We have just finished Scrapped Princess Raquel Casull's Cosplay.

2007-10-06 06:41:13 GMT
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hey, you know the misao makimachi cosplay? I think it would look better in blue.
--dannielle murphy
2007-10-27 06:11:42 GMT
Wow, it's been like a month and no new costumes? Whats going on? You guys were doing so good!
2007-10-31 18:27:03 GMT
I think this is my favourite costume (*^-^*)

Maybe you should enter it into this cosplay competition?

Have fun!

Amy xxx
2007-11-14 03:40:56 GMT
It's been a really long time since you guy's have gotten any costumes. =/ I've been really looking foward to your guy's coming soon list, however, it seems like they aren't coming any time soon. Lol.

It'd be nice if they came soon. I'm really interested in seeing the Mello and Riku outfit. ^^
2007-12-11 05:51:23 GMT
Are you EVER going to make anything new? Seriously? I wanted to get something for my sister for Christmas and it's been in your "Coming Soon" section for 6 months.
I love your costumes, but you ended up losing a sale. I had to buy from another company.
2007-12-21 15:12:23 GMT